Why Karai?

  • Supercharge your blockchain

    Karai is a Directed Acyclic Graph.
    Linear blockchains are slow, unscalable, and conventional smart contracts are missing the point. Karai is fast and infinitely scalable.

  • Connect any network

    Your Karai transaction channel can be connected to any network, from TurtleCoin to Bitcoin to Monero.
    Karai is a project created by TurtleCoin and dedicated to the future.

  • Write in your own language

    Writing a programming language is hard. We provide standard interfaces to integrate Karai with your application in most trendy languages, no Solidity or gas required.

Getting Started

We're developing libs as fast as we can, here are the interfaces we have available so far. If you'd like to write a Karai interface for your favorite language, you can contribute to our project on Github

Join Karai Development

Karai is a project by the friendly folks at TurtleCoin. We're big supporters of open source software and are happy to lend a hand if you want to get started with development. Join us and give us a shout in the #dev_general channel, we'd love to hear from you.